12 November – Seal Rocks & Scotts Head

We woke this morning to howling winds. 30kt NNE blowing straight onto the beach. Our thoughts of a nice swim before travel was toast.

Instead we decided that we would walk over to Treachery Beach. It’s a pretty easy walk from the campground although the road quickly turns to gravel. This same road connects with Hawkes Nest. The track is very poorly signposted and thankfully we had Mr Google’s maps to help out.

The track to Treachery Beach once you get off the road.

There is a “resort” at Treachery Beach called Treachery Camp. The cabins looked really nice. Only downside is that the resort is still about 1km from the beach and quite a steep walk down to the beach for the final 250m.

Views from the headland are spectacular;

Looking back onto Lighthouse Beach from Treachery Headland
Looking towards the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse
Treachery Beach

Next step was to pack up the camper and head towards Scotts Head.

We needed some provisions. Having spent two nights in the motorhome we realised the things we forgot, or didn’t realise we’d need, and made a stop at the Stocklands Mall outside of Forster. Great spot with Kmart, Reject Shop, Woolworths, and BWS for our needs. It also has a Coles, an ALDI and a bunch of smaller stores. I decided to park on the street due to the compact nature of the parking bays.

Next stop was the Fish Co-operative in Tuncurry for fresh school prawns and some Wallis Lake oysters for dinner tonight. I love the beautiful blue waters as you cross the bridge from Forster to Tuncurry. I always want to jump off the bridge into the seemingly bottomless turquoise.

A quick pie from the local bakery (many of the local cafes are closed) and off we headed for Scotts head.

The highway is dual carriageway the whole way and a pleasure to drive. A far cry from the Pacific Highway of my youth.

The wind is still furious here at Scotts head. We hope for less wind tomorrow.

Little Beach under a gale.

We’ve settled in to enjoying a Martini to be followed by fresh school prawns and some oysters.

Beautiful Schoiol Prawns from the Tuncurry Fisherman’s Co-operative.

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