17 November – Byron Bay (Site 55)

We’ve certainly picked a windy time to be away. We had 30kph winds all night and couldn’t put up the awning. The motorhome was buffeted all night. I can only imagine what our friends Mark and Catherine Anderson went through when that hurricane hit the UK and they were stuck in their motorhome on the coast.

Thankfully the wind subsided and we walked into Byron Bay center from the campground. It was only about 1.5km into the main part of the village. The Reflections campground is well located.

The village has expanded since my last visit here in 1999 (what a surprise). It’s noticeable that the hippie crowd has been replace by the beautiful set. The clothing has changed from harem pants to active wear. Lots of boutiques and homewares shops and still a few of the old enterprises like the Northern Hotel.

The Northern. I love the tiles on the outside of the building. Reminds me of some of the pubs I used to frequent in the 70’s

As mentioned yesterday, the beach has taken a beating from the storms recently. At high tide the beach all but disappears as seen below. I would not be selecting Byron Bay as a beach holiday destination unless you are able to go to Tallows Beach

This is the beach in front of the Byron Bay SLSC at high tide. Not particularly impressive given the amazing beaches we’ve experienced recently.

We showed the view from our motorhome yesterday at low tide. Here is a side by side of low tide and high tide. Quite a difference.

Clarkes Beach

We went out on date night tonight. What a disappointment. The Balcony was highly recommended but it was quite disappointing. The food was ordinary but the floorstaff were excellent. Perhaps we’ve been spoiled by the fresh seafood we’ve been procuring at co-operatives.

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