15 November – Wooli (Site 7)

Another glorious day here in Wooli. Forecast said clear skies and 27 degrees. Must be time for a walk. The tide is high and this makes walking the beach a bit difficult so we set out along the road out of town. There is a very well maintained cycle/walking path next to the road that took us to the Wooli Hotel Motel and the general store.

Easy to tell we are in warmer country
Interesting way to build the awning around the trees

On or way out of town we noticed a “Coastal Walk” sign and decided to follow the sign as we headed back. It eventually took us to the beach for a 2 km slog down the soft sand back to the campground.

Some of the cute beachside shacks still standing in Wooli. Realestate goes from A$600k upwards

We have a fantastic Coolcabana sunshade at home. Notice that it’s still at home, so we purchased a cheaper version from Kmart when we were in Forster. It’s one of those contraptions that has multi section fibreglass poles, like a hiking tent. After lunch we decided that we’d better take it with us as the sun up here is pretty strong. If we’d recorded the process of erecting it, put it to Benny Hill’s famous soundtrack and played it at double time it would have been a hit. Not to be attempted in 15kph winds.

Despite there being virtually nobody on the beach there was a lot happening. A fisherman and powered parasails but also lots of nothing.

After a nice swim we’ve settled into our routine with and afternoon cocktail and some nibbles. What’s not to like about this lifestyle.

Sunset over the river from our site. Ahh.

BREAKING NEWS: the man of the caravan across the road from us has just returned from an afternoon drinking session with other men of their caravans. He stumbled back to the site and immediately started a loud conversation with the woman of the caravan. She does not appear to have had an all afternoon drinking session and is not impressed with his banter. He was last overheard saying “let’s go to bed and have sex” loudly enough for us to hear. It’s 7pm. Suffice to say he’ll be flying solo tonight.

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