11 November – Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse (Site 61)

A beautiful day here on the NSW coast. We started our day with a walk up to the Sugarloaf Point Lighthouse. Established in 1875, with its first lighting on December 1st, this lighthouse has shown the way for sailors passing up and down the coast ever since. There are two small islands off the point that have caused havoc since ships started to traverse the coast.

In the winter months the prevailing winds would drive ships onto the shoreline. There were many wrecks in the mid 1800’s leading to the construction of the lighthouse.

Established in 1875

The former Lighthouse Manager’s and Assistant Manager’s cottages are available for hire. They are quite isolated from the beach and offer amazing views, particularly in the Whale watching season from May to October.

Lighthouse Manager’s Cottage – available for rental

The walk from the Seal Rocks campground is worthwhile as the views of the surrounding coastline are outstanding. It’s about a 4km round trip with some of the walk quite steep.

The Seal Rocks
Treachery Beach from the Lighthouse

The walk to the Lighthouse passes through some local coastal “forest”. Looks like there has been some hazard reduction burning being conducted, the pathway acting as a firebreak. It’s quite interesting to see how the canopy is unaffected and how quickly the floor starts its regrowth.

Post Hazard reduction
The other side of the path – no hazard reduction

Post walk we settled into some time on the beach. There are some great quiet corners on beaches in NSW.

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