23 November – Lighthouse Beach to Jimmys Beach

Someone remind me to never try to free-camp on a busy road again. It’s not just the noise of passing vehicles, each time one goes past the whole motorhome waves in the wind. Quite disconcerting when it’s a large truck or a bus.

While Robin went for a walk along Lighthouse Beach I tried to get the compartment open to no avail. A call to the renter’s roadside assistance line promised a reply by 8:30am. Ok, time to do other things. Robin met up with our host and friend on the beach and returned at about 9am.

You guessed it, Lighthouse Beach
Robin, Sue and Hilary posing on Lighthouse Beach
The Lighthouse at Tacking Point

We had breakfast at a cute little cafe at the Tacking Point SLSC across the road from Sue and David’s apartment. Excellent smashed Avo and a Croque Monsieur.

A quick visit to a mechanic in Bonny Hills fixed the problem with the door and off we went.

Sue and David took us over to the Dunbogan Boatshed that has a lovely little cafe in a renovated boatshed. It also has a range of fishing equipment and boat hire if you are so inclined.

Cafe at the Donbogan Boatshed
Lovely outlook from the Dunbogan Boatshed

We hit the M1 again and headed for Jimmys Beach. This is such a picturesque part of the world;

Bennetts Beach to the north
Bennetts Beach to the South

The weather looks like it’s closing in on us.

Jimmy’s Beach looking South West

A couple of light showers and feels like it’s over.

Tonight will be oysters and BBQ prawns from Laurieton Seafoods (I’ll spare you the photos for a change) and an attempt to clean up the motorhome and pack as much as we can prior to the dash home, a proper clean of the motorhome and a drive to Caringbah to return it.

I can’t stress just how good the seafood is on the north coast of NSW. If you visit here make sure you avail yourself of the fresh seafood if that’s your thing.

Breaking News: Robin has been put in the Twitter sin bin for 7 hours for telling US Senator Ted Cruz to “go fuck himself”. She’s wearing it like a badge of honour.

About 6:30pm we had some visitors.

A couple of Dingo pups in the campground.

There are signs at the entrance to the park that ask you not to feed the dingos. I did not expect this here at Jimmys Beach.

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  1. What handsome dingos!
    Such stunning scenery all through your trip. Am trying to soak up some vicarious sunshine!

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